Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Being Gay and Black - A Heavily Understated Issue?

Before I close (for the third and final time), I was reading one of the discussions centered on Alan's Wikipedia entry regarding his living family's awareness of his sexual orientation and felt I had to add something here: I remembering having dinner with Alan in this Italian restaurant and his mention of the black community's lack of acceptance of homosexuality (more so than the white community) and the additional challenges he encountered with having to deal with its (the black community) strong affliction against homosexuality. This was totally new to me... I thought it quite intriguing to be made aware that there are even differences in certain social stigmas (besides the obvious ones) present among racial groups (in the US).

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emurks said...


I'm a gay filmmaker working on a documentary about the stories of gays & lesbians soldiers who never came home, as told by the friends and family they left behind.

After reading about Alan's tragic story, I can't help but think he should be apart of this project. It's important that his sacrifice is portrayed in the context of who he was, a gay man.

If this is something you would be interested in participating in, please let me know. For more about the project visit

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