Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Alan G. Rogers?

This page is dedicated to one of my closest friends, Alan Rogers, a major in the United States Army, whose greatness and tragic death will forever stay with me. I don't really know what the purpose is other than to serve my own desire to share this man's greatness with the world. The information presented in this blog is extremely biased, and it serves to counter many of the pitfalls and controversies encountered on his Wikipedia entry. And for the record... Yes, Alan was gay. Deal with it and move on.

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Nice Jewish Boy said...

I'm stationed in Baghdad at FOB Shield and met Alan shortly after he got here. We had a nice long conversation one day when I saw him walking around the helicopter pad. I wondered why I never saw him again and then a few weeks ago I saw a huge poster/memorial that they've put up in the dining facility about him. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I hadn't even known he died. He seemed like a great guy and his death is a terrible loss. The memorial says that his actions saved the lives of two of his Soldiers who escaped with relatively minor injuries. I'm sure that would have made him very happy to know.

Mason S. Weiss
Major, U.S. Army